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Lighting and Effects

One of the largest visual impacts to add in your event is lighting. Different lighting options are available according to your preferences: Lasers, UV Lights, Led Pars, Moving Heads, and Follow Spots. Our production team is experts in proper lighting to take your event to another level. No matter what mood you are trying to evoke, our specialists use dmx lights controller to create an elegant atmosphere as well as a ‘nightclub’

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Delfin Productions using Led Up lighting at your event can completely change the atmosphere of the entire room by washing the walls with the color of your choice, we can match just about any color of your choice.  Color sequencing is available (have the room slowly fade through the colors).

We rely on a team of professional technicians to operate your lighting production throughout the entire night to ensure a seamless visual experience.

Intelligent Lighting

Add some energy to your dance floor with Intelligent Lighting.  Light Specialists control the look and feel of the lights throughout your event.  Our lights move in sync with the music, fast or slow.  We’ll match your accent colors and create a “stage warmer” as guests are arriving. With our top of the line moving head intelligent lights, you can quickly turn your party into a striking event. The versatility of our intelligent light show is unsurpassed because we always bring a trained Lighting specialist always included to choreograph the lights on the spot, specifically to your event.

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HD Video Displays

Up to four 50” HD Displays can be mounted on our LED lit trusses video displays add a large, exciting visual component to your celebration. Personal Photo Montages that reflect childhood memories. We can even add in a classic home video that comes as a surprise to your guests, we offer a live video broadcast with 2 cameras where guests on the dance floor can see themselves in action within the crowd. These multi-purpose video displays are capable to show up 4 different sources at the same time with our state of the art video Mixer.

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Monograms (Gobo)

Add some personalization touch to your dance floor, Your wedding or Sweet Sixteen is one of the most important memorable lifetime events, so your name should be displayed anywhere in your venue to be remembered by your guests. Customize a light with initials, names or even unique designs to give a magical ambiance to your event.

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Dancing On Clouds

Create a memorable first dance or entrance on your special day with our dancing on clouds effect. This low-lying smoke effect rises about 24 inches from the floor, taking you and your guests beyond a simple dance and into a magical moment. The white cloud effect is simply made with water and contains no chemicals or oils, without set off the fire alarms, and is used to shock everyone’s excitement and expectations! This enhancement truly makes your event unforgettable.

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Masters of Ceremonies

Let our professionals direct your formalities, motivate your crowd’s energy, and help you plan the celebration that you’ve always envisioned with elegance, style and Energy, since the early Planning until the day of the event.

Latin / Bilingual Weddings Quinceañera and Sweet Sixteen are unique. They require a polished American & Latino vocabulary during intros, announcements, and crowd interaction.

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If you think all Photo Booths are the same then you haven’t seen Delfin Productions Photo Booth with Green Screen technology Fully enclosed or open-air, Custom designed photo layout to match you theme, Full-time attendant, Unlimited photos and prints, Brand new Props at every event

Kiosk Media Station

Designed to be used as a companion to our Classic Photo Booth or to be used in small places but with great expectations our kiosk Media Station can take pictures with different layouts, different fx, capable to send pictures to your email or cellphone allowing to post you pictures on social networks like Facebook and Instagram. Our system is capable to print, and always bring a full table of proms, red carpet, crowd control rope and full time attendants.


Cool blast of air raice the energy at the dance floor, wont set off thfire alarm


Enjoy with you friends 1 hour of high energy performance at the dance floor with our 7‘ led robot Loaded with our CO2 gun & LED batons

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Red Carpet

Surprise receiving your guest likes a VIP Star in our Famous Red carpet. We could use a custom backdrop or use our Red Carpet Theme Backdrop, size is a 8×10 ft. we will add crowd control rope and a photographer or Host to give interviews for 1 hour, all pictures or video will be given to you in a USB or presented on our led Displays at you event at night.


Get Up and Sing Our Karaoke service is features our library of over 100,000 tracks, which continues to improve and grow monthly. This service will include Karaoke DJ / Karaoke Host, Sound system with wireless mics for all singers

PA Sound Systems

We have the ability to amplify your event from a simple microphone to a full band outdoors, we have a front house sound system with 500 people capacity using Jbl Rcf Yorkville equipment. On stage we use monitors system with 4 mixes, with our 32 channels and 8 mix digital console.

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Delfin Productions is not only dedicated to your own events, we also collaborate with the different DJs pronoters and Venues in the area, offering the sound and light rental in addition to all our options, call us and let us help you to make the event a success.


There is No Greater Commitment for Delfin Productions than that of capturing the Lifetime Memories of your Special Event!  Preserving these important Moments of Love, Laughter, Tears and Joy. We do not want to give you photos, we want to give you a memory that would make you relive and feel every moment of that special day, that will communicate your essence and that will make you appreciate each photograph as a treasure

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  • Acrylic-Cover-or-Piano-Black-Photo-Books

Acrylic Cover or Piano Black Photo Books:

Are a high quality handmade and personalized Albums, you can choose between black or white bounded leather for the back cover. These Photo Books come inside a high quality paper and a box for their protection. Two sizes to choose: 10×10 and 12×12 for Main album and 8×8 and 6×6 for Parents album. Came with 15 pages or 30 spreads, our experienced in-house design team will create a personalized album design tailored to meet the individual styles of the clients. Whether it is Classic, Modern or fancy, all design is have color correction and carefully touché up to make this a masterpiece of precious memories.


Nothing captures life’s most precious moment like the art of the video, only video allows us to see, hear, feel and relive the moments in our lives, let us capture your moments, tell you story and ultimately create a masterpiece of you fairy tale come true. We capture those precious moments using cameras with capacity 4K wireless microphones, professional lighting, we cover every one of the moments of that special day and then we edit in our studio adding effects transitions, texts, interview and music to make this a masterpiece of your dream, this project is exported Blu-ray in quality which guarantees the best digital quality